Perfecto All in one

Perfecto All in one is a 3D (Reader+ Antenna) patented designed to quickly read and process multiple NFC tags together. Stock room has clear identified stock at any time using super quick multi reading function.


Perfecto All in one is a 3D (Reader+ Antenna) patented designed to quickly read and process multiple diamond packets. Perfecto NFC tags are attached to large numbers of diamond pac- kets that can be clearly and quickly identified irrespective of as and when need stock count or transaction process of packets.This state-of-the-art reader is the ideal soluti- on for fast-tracking the inventory management of diamond stock tallies and flawless issue and received process by offering rapid and reliable reading of items as they are transferred throu- gh various processing steps and individuals. It counts 200 items in 5-7 seconds and plays a key role in the prevention of manual errors, sto- ck loss and shortages.All in ones are widely used by diamond compan- ies at industry tradeshows to assist them to im- mediately find stock that buyers want to view & find anytime during show. In addition, the All in one plays a key role at closing stock count for store and discover if any stone sifted to other box.


  • Minimised manual interventions that can lead to errors and hence increase efficient stocktaking and monitoring
  • Facilitate for immediate stock movement assign & receipt, invoice, memo, store the goods
  • NFC open source technology support for third-party device like NFC mobile/ Tablet
  • Accurate Stock count in few seconds
  • Immediate identification of the each box
  • Avoid human error at the entry point, hence saving time when it counts
  • Reliable track-and-trace of stock movement


  • Light weight Reader + antenna design
  • Capacity to read 200 packets in 5-7 seconds
  • Easy to use and simple workflow integration
  • 3D Omni directional sensing antenna
  • USB and Ethernet connections
  • Device output can be read using a tablet, cell phone or PC


  • Diamond policing Factories
  • Diamond Jewellery manufacturing
  • Sales Offices
  • Sorting Offices
  • Grading Laboratories

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